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Decluttering, Remodeling and Home Staging


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Design & Remodeling Services

Expert Design and Pre-Marketing Services to position your home to achieve the best selling price in the shortest time. Our Home Remodeling services can include contractor selection, pricing negotiation, building material selections, hardware and fixture selections, floor plan designs, color palette consultation, landscape design and installation. Designer and/or contractor pricing with most major suppliers passes through to save you money. All of our services are priced to add more value [higher sales price, construction cost savings, etc.] than the cost of our fee.  




Whether you are getting your house ready to sell or preparing for a special event, GMHR can help you purge, filter and declutter all of those problem areas in your home. We can recommend a plan of action or partner with you along the way. The GMHR Team knows how to make your home marketable and can help you make the most of your time and effort. You don't have to do it alone when you have GMHR on your side.


Staging Services


We combine industry knowledge, market trends and experience to provide the best combination of home staging services for your project. We believe that each project is unique and needs to be treated with personalized attention. We provide staging for vacant homes in need of furniture, art work, rugs and accessories. We also provide staging services for furnished homes by equipping them to be the most marketable in a competitive market.